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My DIY Truck Camper Book Is Now On Amazon!

homemade camper book amazon

My DIY Truck Camper Book Is Now On Amazon!

I have another set of major announcements regarding my book:

“How To Build Your Own DIY Truck Camper And Get Off The Grid For Dirt Cheap”

1) The 2017 Second Edition is now available on Amazon!
2) It is available in 3 formats:
– Paperback – Full Color Interior (honestly quite expensive)
– Paperback – Black and White interior (for a more affordable option)
– Kindle format (Ebook, viewable on any device with the Kindle app, now on sale!) 
As previously mentioned, the 2017 Second Edition is a major update:
— It’s doubled in size to nearly 300 pages and over 200 photos and diagrams, with expansions to nearly every section.
– Lots more detail has been added to the section about my own truck camper build.
– Sections have been added about benefits of different construction materials and different construction techniques.
– There’s a HUGE addition describing my awesome new Ultra-Light Arched Roof Using Styrofoam and Poor Man’s Fiberglass technique.
(That last addition should be a must-read for everyone, because this technique can be used strategically throughout your camper to make a very lightweight camper.)
Here are the direct Amazon links — Click to view the item you would be most interested in:

(I still need more awesome 5-star reviews as well! It would be great to get my book ranked higher in the Amazon bestseller list. ★★★★★ 😊 )

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