“Learn How To Build Your Own DIY Truck Camper And Get Off The Grid Fast — For Less Than A Paycheck And Just A Few Days Of Construction”

You Could Be Camping “By Next Weekend” In Your Own Truck Bed Tiny-House, Enjoying The Wilderness …

Without Even Spending A Fortune!


From: Mobile Rik

Date: Thursday 8:30 am

RE: Your Off-Grid Camper


HEY! How excited would you be to learn just how easily you can quickly design and build your own custom off-grid camper?

Over the past year since I released the first preview version of this book, I’ve received hundreds of emails from men and women all over the world who have been inspired by my ideas to design their own custom camper and finally get off the grid. It’s been a humbling and rewarding experience, to say the least!

What you may not know is that when it first occurred to me that

I wanted to have my own off-grid camper,

my first thought wasn’t to build one.

I just figured like anyone that I’d check Craigslist for a deal on a used camper or trailer or camper van. “Maybe I could find a fixer-upper for cheap and restore it,” I thought.

But then as I started thinking more deeply about what I would actually want in a camper, the process of restoring a used camper became a lot less appealing.

Besides the fact that a lot of them are total junk (to say the least)… I noticed that typical campers just aren’t really designed around my unique needs — they’re designed around the imaginary ideals of a hypothetical “average consumer” — which I most definitely am not!!

Not only do manufactured campers have a lot of parts (like appliances and fixtures that I don’t want or need)… They simply have a lot of parts — specialty parts that are hidden in walls and ceilings, out of sight, not only making restoration a huge expensive chore, but making ongoing maintenance that much more difficult.

And Then It Hit Me!

I Could Totally Build My Own Simple Custom Camper!

A truck camper isn’t “architecture”, after all. I’d say it’s more like a really nifty shed that happens to ride on the back of my truck!

“Do I have enough brain cells to make a

“truck bed shed”?
You bet I do.

I can totally make this happen!”


And I did. VERY FAST.

After just a few months of web surfing, a few weeks of planning, and a few days of building — I was suddenly overjoyed to be camping in my very own tiny-house on wheels.

Yes, it was really that fast! “Getting off the grid” is surprisingly easy… once you revisit just a few tricks that your fancy-pants “First World” habits may have temporarily hidden from you.

Would you like some help “unshackling the chains” a bit? (As it happens…)



learn to build a truck camper

Much more than just a set of “camper building plans”, the purpose of my book is to coach you on your way to quick freedom.

Whether you’re reading this book as an RV’ing snowbird, outdoorsy camping enthusiast, off-grid gadget junkie, simple-life experimenter, shop class hero, pre-zombie-apocalyptic “prepper”, Instructables.com life-hacker… or maybe even just someone who somehow wound up at my website and subscribed to my mailing list…

This book is written primarily TO INSPIRE YOU. 

It is in NO WAY —

  • a "comprehensive technical manual" on camper building, nor
  • a complicated hard-to-read set of overly-specific blueprints that will only discourage you --

Rather, this book is focused on helping you design a simple off-grid camper for YOU.

What I present in this book is...

An elegant simplified approach that allows you to easily design your own unique plans from scratch, while intuitively understanding every step.


In My First Edition Digitally-Downloadable Book You Will Learn:

  • How I created my own custom design that was so simple, I could build it -- in just 3 days -- without even looking at the plans!
  • How I built my first fully-campable version for less than $200 -- while paying retail prices. (i.e. you could probably do it for much less!)
  • My breakthrough insight that allowed me to get off the grid in a matter of weeks -- rather than months, years, or even decades!
  • The quickest easiest ways to power your camper when you start off-gridding -- EVEN BEFORE you've learned (with my Easy Camper Electricity chapter) how to wire up an enjoyably simple electrical system.
  • The surprising inspiration for my new "ultra-high" popup roof design -- which not only gives me 7'8" of headroom and allows me to sit upright in the cabover on cushions -- it's also way cheaper to build !

To better help you understand exactly how to build your own custom camper...

The just-released First Edition of my book How To Build Your Own DIY Truck Camper And Get Off The Grid For Dirt Cheap has been packed with more high-resolution photos, easy-to-understand color diagrams, and a complete parts list for constructing my wicked simple camper. (Hint: My design is so simple, you can count the parts on one hand!)

And it's a delight to be able to say... "AND THAT'S NOT ALL!"

If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, How Much Would 180+ Minutes Of Instructional Video Footage Be Worth To You?


Pictures Are Way Better Than Words, Any Day!

Part of the reason I wanted to write my own book is that I was so frustrated with all the painfully-hard-to-read "plans" I find on the internet. (You know the ones -- they're typed out in one long run-on sentence with no paragraph breaks or formatting or differentiation between essential things you actually "need to know" and exhaustive -- and exhausting! -- unimportant details that only overwhelm and confuse you.)

In my book I used my teaching experience to highlight the most important ideas you need to understand as clearly as possible. But as you know, sometimes, that's just not enough.

Sometimes You Just Have To SEE It To Understand It!

That's why it was very important to me to not only write down what I did -- It was essential that I record instructional video footage as I constructed my camper!

While it was tough to film absolutely every second while I was also trying to build it as fast as possible... I recorded a bunch! And I have bundled my construction footage along with some extensive video walkthrough explanations of my 3D design model and my camper's interior, and put it into a private member site for you to view and study at your leisure! Here's what you get when you join:



Module 1:

"How I Built My DIY Truck Camper" Construction Highlight Reel

Rather than slogging you through every little detail right off the bat, I've edited together a "highlight reel" that will give you a quick overview of exactly how I built my camper right on the truck. You get to see...

  • How I Set Up The Bolts, So My Camper Would Be Secure From The Start
  • In What Order I Quickly Assembled The Entire Camper Body, From The "Foundation" To The Roof
  • A Quick Tour Of How I Set Up The Interior, Including The Multi-Use Bench, Kitchenette, and Simple "Bathroom"

"Rik, Just about done with my camper. Wanted to thank you for the inspiration. I'm hitting the road October 17th for a leisurely tour of the States.

Rik, Just about done with my camper. Wanted to thank you for the inspiration. I'm hitting the road October 17th for a leisurely tour of the States."

[papertemplate-jump] Once you've gotten a general idea of what everything looks like "in real life" with actual wood and screws, you'll be in the best place to dive into the 3D model...

Module 2: Walkthrough Of The 3D Model Of My Camper Design

Over three videos, I walk you through every facet of my camper design, rotating the 3D model to show you how and why things are connected the way they are.

" …Big thanks to you for taking the time to put all this info together. You seem to have the most complete collection of info on the internet. And to be honest, I just kinda like your style. I can tell you're really passionate about this and you present your ideas in a very straightforward manner."

Inside Module 2, you'll discover...

  • How To Construct The Simple "Foundation" that simultaneously connects the walls to the floor and provides strong support for the high-use tailgate area where you'll be bouncing in and out of the camper.
  • How To Create A Strong Frame That Fits Your Truck Dimensions by strategically placing boards at the best point to counter the various stresses placed on your camper.
  • The "Puzzle" Strategy I Used To Minimize Cost by fitting boards and panels into as few pieces of lumber as necessary to eliminate waste.
  • The "Round Numbers" Strategy I Used To Simplify Everything and make it possible for me to build my entire camper without referring to plans, because it was all "intuitively obvious".

[papertemplate-jump] Once you understand the rhyme and reason behind every board placement, you'll be in a much better position to make your own "smart" design, and you'll really appreciate the next module -- the full unedited construction videos.

Module 3: Detailed Footage Of The Construction Process And Interior Features

Whereas the previous module was "abstract" discussion of my design model, THIS IS WHERE IT GETS REAL. You'll get to see...

  • How I used "Lumber-Aisle Wood Warpage" to my advantage to create the strongest structure.
  • Detailed Tours of my Multi-Function Bench / Bed / Pantry / Cooler / Toolbox, my "DIY Fake Granite" Kitchenette, simple electrical system, and other handy interior features.
  • My "Stupidly-Simple Shower Room / Bathroom" that anyone can replicate without knowing anything about plumbing.
  • All the "Edited Out" challenges and mistakes I had to overcome. (A standard feature of my videos, which I take pride in, because it lets you know what it's REALLY like to build stuff!)

" Thanks alot for such a detailed document. I think you spent more time for this than to the build :)))). Your ideas are absolutely right. I completely agree with you. I am from Russia, have Toyota Hilux double cab."

[papertemplate-jump] Any mystery you have in your mind about how my camper is built inside-and-out should be gone once you've studied Module 3! (Of course, if you still have questions, you can always ask in the member site!)

Module 4: How To Make A Lightweight (Liftable) Camper Roof With Skylights

In this video module you'll get to watch me build a lightweight foam-sandwich style roof with three skylights -- one of which will eventually used for a solar oven -- while camping in the Arizona desert during 108 degree weather! You'll learn:

  • How I Chose Which Boards To Use Where In My Frame based on their unavoidable "warp factor".
  • An Easy Trick To Cut Styrofoam Panels Without Making A Huge Mess! I still made a mess, but it wasn't HUGE. (lol)
  • How To Make Absurdly Easy Windows (Skylights) With Plexiglass.
  • Making Longer Boards Than Are Commonly Available that are even stronger than before you do this (if you do it right!)

"Hi Rik: Thanks for the great website and .pdf which I downloaded 4 days ago! I'm 3 days into my project already. I'm using your plan as a spring board for my own gray cells."

[papertemplate-jump] Whether you fancy yourself...

  • A long-time camper who wants to “upgrade” from tent-camping.
  • Retired and looking to join the senior snowbird RV-brigade in your own unique style.
  • Or a modern-day “maker” — the newfangled term for people who love to build stuff and are looking for a cool new project to take on.

... The downloadable book and video course is set up for you to quickly gain the key insights you'll need to bring your "custom camper" dreams into real-world reality... So you can be camping in your own unique style as soon as humanly possible.

In addition if you join today, you'll get a special bonus module:

Instant Bonus Video:

How To Build Your Own DIY Solar Panel For Less Than $1/Watt

In this 1-hour video I will walk you step by step through the entire process of building my second solar panel from scratch -- which I amusingly constructed inside a tent while camping in the Coconino National Forest during three days of thunderstorms!

In this video you'll learn:

  • Where to find the best deals on raw solar cells
  • Exactly how to cut and solder "tabbing wire" to connect the cells together
  • How to assemble and test the complete solar panel
  • My unique experimental "cheapskate" methods for encapsulating the panel to prevent corrosion.

"Hey Rik! I'm stoked I found you and your project online. I'm a photographer and it has always been one of my dreams to live out of my truck. Unfortunately, being a starving artist makes it difficult to even afford a camper shell. This simple affordable project is going to greatly improve my lifestyle. Thanks man! - Michael"


Best Of All: Once You're "In" You Can Take All The Time You Need!

Once you join, you'll be able to view all the video training inside the member's area totally at your leisure. There is absolutely no hurry, because once you pay the simple one-time entrance fee, you are guaranteed a lifetime membership! 

That means that even if you weren't planning to build a camper this week or month or even this year -- it's completely worth it for you to join NOW at the lowest-it-will-ever-be launch price, because not only will the site still be here when you are ready to build...

Everyone who joins will continue to receive all future "DIY Truck Camper" video additions and new editions of the book as I release them.


If you're ready to escape the never-ending hamster-wheel and finally get back to nature...

If you're ready to experience the extreme pride you'll feel once you're actually camping in your very own camper that YOU built...

And if you're ready to finally take the most important step to Get Off The Grid already, then pay attention because I'm ready to help you get what you want.

You won't need a big budget...

You won't need a ton of construction skills...

And you won't even want to procrastinate! (LOL)

When you join right now...

Here's Everything You'll Get Instantly,

As Soon As You Join the

"How To Build Your Own DIY Truck Camper And Get Off The Grid For Dirt Cheap"

Training Course...


Online Training: 4 Modules
Module 1: "Highlight Reel" Of How I Built My Truck Camper

Quick overview of Framing, Panels, Interior, and Simple Roof construction so you can get a first glimpse of how everything fits together.
Module 2: 3D Walkthrough Of The Design Model

Detailed explanation of every facet of the design, showing how and why every critical part fits where it does.
Module 3: Full "Raw" Footage Of Entire Camper Build

Detailed review of the construction process with voiceover explanation of selected methods.
Module 4: How To Build A Lightweight Roof

Start-to-finish tutorial footage of my new roof build using a foam-sandwich style construction.
Time Limited Bonus
Bonus Tutorial: How To Build Your Own DIY Solar Panels For Less Than $1/Watt [pt-stack="29"]
And Of Course...!
My New Book: "How To Build Your Own DIY Truck Camper And Get Off The Grid For Dirt Cheap" Launch Special $7! [pt-stack="29"]
Lifetime Access: come back 24 hours a day forever to study when YOU are ready to get started. [pt-stack="99"]

Total Real World Value Today:


Your Price Today:

Just $27

And It Comes with This 30-Day

"No Questions Asked" Priority Guarantee!

If even after reading the book and watching my videos, you decide that the insights and huge head start you gain won't save you both time and money getting off the grid even a few weekends a year, then by all means, you're welcome to request a refund.

But I'm confident you'll easily find lots to inspire you, and like so many others, you'll send me a testimonial telling me how inspired you are to begin building your own custom camper and "get busy getting off the grid!" (Send me pix as well!)


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