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How To Build A Truck Camper For Dirt Cheap

build a truck camper cheap

How To Build A Truck Camper For Dirt Cheap

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How To Save Tons Of Time and Money By “Living Outside The Box”

I mean that in more ways than one.

Provided that at least one major reason you want a camper is that you really enjoy the outdoors, you can simplify matters tremendously by remembering just one thing:

Campers Are For Camping!

Sounds stupidly obvious, right? And yet this tip I’m about to give may not work so well for you, if you’re the type of “homebody” who actually intends to spend most of your time in the beautiful wilderness hiding inside the camper, reading and watching TV. (That’s perfectly fine, no insult intended. You can define “camping” any way you want. BUT…)

If you’re someone who prefers to be outside, then you’ll be able to eliminate a long list of “standard features” as completely non-essential.

For example…

(Putting on your “outside the box” thinking cap…)

When you’re “camping”, do you really need… ?

Windows? 🙂

Serious question! Windows are by far the biggest compromise to both your security and your insulation, and they add a lot more complexity and expense to your camper building project — all of which can completely be eliminated by avoiding windows. Think about it.

  • Do camper windows matter when I'm driving? No.
  • Do I need windows when I'm hiking? Of course not, but they certainly create an easy way to break in.
  • Do I need windows when I'm sleeping? (Haha) No, but they definitely make it harder to stay warm.
  • Do I need windows when I'm camping? Not when I'm outside most of the time.
  • What about when it's hot? NO WAY!! Don't you know? Windows turn your camper into a solar oven. That's why the cab always gets so hot -- because it has so many windows!
    [Edited To Add: When I first built my camper without windows, it always stayed comfortable inside even in 90+ degree weather. Then I added a little skylight, and it immediately became next to impossible to keep it cool anymore.]

So what else can you eliminate?

Whether you decide to modify your window plans or not -- (Do whatever you like! It doesn't affect me either way. 🙂 ) -- I'm sure there are countless other areas of perceived "need" for you to investigate.

As mentioned the purpose of this site is to help you investigate options -- both for features to add, and features to SUBTRACT, by finding simpler ways you can accomplish the same thing!

The latter topic -- Finding ways to hack and build your own camper appliances for cheap -- is the focus of the large section of this site under the link "Get Off The Grid", where you'll find articles and videos on hacking Off Grid Refrigeration, Off Grid Cooking Methods, Off Grid Electricity, Off Grid Air Cooling, and lots of other miscellaneous topics.


For learning more about building a truck camper, I've organized the site roughly like this:

When you're ready for more, you're welcome to join my truck camper construction video member site and/or purchase my book (at the homepage) at any time. And while you're deciding, you'll probably want to join my mailing list and get yourself a free 50-page preview of my book by clicking below. 🙂

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