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Phoenix PULSE SC – A Truck Camper With A Bathroom

truck camper with a bathroom

Phoenix PULSE SC – A Truck Camper With A Bathroom

Want a truck camper with a bathroom?

Who wouldn’t!

For a great lesson in smart truck camper design…

Check out this great tour of the interior of a “4-Wheel Camper” style pop up slide in truck camper from Phoenix Popup Campers.

What you’ll see is how cleverly they’ve managed to fit all your typical camper comforts — in addition to a bathroom — completely into the bed of the truck. (Without even extending the back! That’s why it’s called the ‘SC’ for “self-contained”.) Since you’re trying to make a livable space out of approx. 30 sq. ft., it really inspiring to see them getting creative like that.

Adding the bathroom is really quite a feat, especially considering that it’s made so that you can use it even when the popup roof is down. They accomplished that by making it a sit-down shower — Since the bathroom is completely waterproofed, you can sit down on the toilet while showering.

And of course, once they fit in the innovative shower/toilet system, the rest of the interior likewise had to fit more compactly into even less space. It’s quite inspiring how they managed to squeeze it all in there in a sensible elegant way that ironically somehow manages to make *other* camper interiors look cluttered by comparison.


I really love these Four Wheel Camper designs.

(Phoenix Popop, by the way, are the original owners/inventors of the Four Wheel Camper brand.)

Not only do I love the general shape of this style of pop-up truck camper — both for its flexibility and the gas-saving aerodynamics relative to other RV designs…

As a Do It Yourselfer, I also love this design for a homemade truck camper. Click below to read more about why it’s my favorite camper design:

four wheel camper interior phoenix campers pop up slide in truck camper

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