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How To Build Solar Panels For Cheap (And Save Hundreds Of Dollars)

How To Build Solar Panels For Cheap (And Save Hundreds Of Dollars)


How To Save Even More Money On Solar Panels By Soldering Together Your Own Panels

Once you’ve gotten a handle how solar panel systems are constructed on the big scale of panels, cables, and electronics — You’re now in a really great position to save a lot of money by piecing together elements closer to “from scratch.”

Not that it would ever be economical for you to actually fabricate your own high-power solar cells, because high-volume manufacturing (usually overseas) is what keeps prices low. But to save a lot of money you can actually buy packs of pre-assembled solar cells on Ebay and solder them together into your own solar panel, in whatever shape or power configuration you like. In fact if you’re smart about how you wire them together, it’s conceivable that you could even make them work better than the manufactured ones.

The easiest way to find individual solar cells is to search Ebay for ‘solar cells.’ You should be able to find packs of PV squares available for much less than $1/watt! (Get the tabbed kind to make it way easier on yourself.)

Watch the video below to get an idea how to solder them together. Basically all you need to do is series-connect together however many you need to reach your target voltage — around 14.8V plus a pre-chosen fudge factor of a few volts — and parallel a few lines of those to add wattage.

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