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Wire Your Own Simple Truck Camper Electrical Systems Yourself

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How To Wire Your Own Truck Camper Electricity

Doing your own electrical systems for your homemade camper isn't as difficult as it might sound -- especially if you commit to keeping it extremely simple! You can think of an RV or camper electrical system as made up of just three components: The Battery (a.k.a. the "House Battery", as di...
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Interested in learning how to set up your Camper Electrical Systems yourself?

It's not as difficult as you might think, if you keep it really simple — or as I like to say, “stupidly simple!”  When I constructed my homemade truck camper,  I quickly outfitted it with a premium deep-cycle battery (which I found essentially unused at a bargain "used" price), some free vent fans (from junked computers), and a cigarette-lighter outlet for a small inverter that runs my very bright LED lamp also charges my phone and computer. The whole system with homemade solar panels keeps me charged up every day!

Here are a few articles and videos, some of which I made myself, and others I found elsewhere and compiled during my research phase. Hope you'll find them useful!

–Mobile Rik
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Articles On DIY Truck Camper Electricity

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