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How To Load A Slide On Truck Camper Onto The Truck

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How To Load A Slide On Truck Camper Onto The Truck

Wondering how to load your Slide In Truck Camper onto the back of your truck?

Here are a pair of handy videos so you can see how it’s done.

Essentially all it entails is…

  1. Jacking the camper a few inches above the level of your pickup truck's bed rails.
  2. Backing up carefully, following the line of the camper's bottom edge (making sure you're inside the wheel wells), until it's in position.
  3. Once you've got it in place, just lower the camper into the truck bed and attach the turnbuckles.

So overall it's not too complicated. In both of the videos, the actual loading time was under 30 seconds! But of course there will be some details to take care of that are unique to your camper and your truck, such as cables you'll want to make sure are in place or out of the way.

In the first video Bill Blake from American RV demonstrates loading a Lance camper onto an F-250.


In the second video "amped79" demonstrates loading an Arctic Fox onto an F-350. He goes into quite a bit more of the setup and then ends by securing the camper to the truck with the turnbuckles.

In both of these cases, they use electric jacks with a remote. The process is the same for manual jacks, only involving a bit more work.

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