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Homemade Slide On Truck Camper (Demountable)

homemade slide on truck camper

Homemade Slide On Truck Camper (Demountable)

Check out this very impressive DIY “demountable” slide-on camper by Guy Mercer!

Why a demountable?

"Demountables give the advantages of a caravan and a motorhome, plus some...in that you've got four wheel drive vehicle, so you can go anywhere. You've got the facility then of being able to tow something, which you can't if you're carrying a caravan. The other advantage is I can leave the demountable top at the campsite and then trek around wherever I want with a standard vehicle. "

Apparently Guy has some engineering background, and had the rare privilege to work on the original Raleigh Chopper (an iconic kid's bike from the '70s) as a student.

Among the camper's features...

  • The walls are made of aluminum skinned styrofoam -- essentially a foam sandwich with an outside layer of aluminum sheeting bonded to the insulation, which is then bonded to plywood on the inside, resulting in a very lightweight construction.
  • It not only has a popup roof -- it's a HARD SIDED popup roof! Once the roof is raised, the upper walls can be propped up to make it function like a full-size camper with heaps of headroom.
  • The jacks are made to be easy to remove and attach in order to leave the camper behind. He engages the jack with a power drill.
  • Energy efficient LED taillights.
  • TWO Wireless backup cameras, one pointing down behind the camper and another pointing backwards towards the road. Regarding the choice to use wireless (which is generally much less reliable than a hard-wired connection), he says it's because it reduces the hassle when switching from camper-on to standard driving mode.

(I do wish they'd gone more into the construction rather than the electronics!)

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