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How To Build A Slide On Truck Camper

how to build a slide in truck camper

How To Build A Slide In Truck Camper

Need to be able to leave your camper behind while you do "truck stuff"? Then let's help you learn how to build a slide In truck camper. "Demountables" are a very popular goal amongst DIY truck camper builders, if my readership is any indication. The ability to leave the camper at home or park...
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Interested in Building A Slide On Truck Camper?

Although the simplest and cheapest route is to simply bolt the camper onto your truck bed, a slide on truck camper allows you the luxury of leaving the camper on jacks while you do "truck stuff."

In the spirit of keeping things “stupidly simple", the cabover truck bed camper I built over a few days in summer 2013 was a bolt-on design. But while researching Slide On Truck Camper designs, I collected quite a bit of information and inspiring approaches, which I hope you may find useful! –Mobile Rik

build homemade truck camper

Inspiration To Build A Slide On Truck Camper

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