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Simple Truck Camper With Fiberglass Panels

simple truck camper fiberglass walls

Simple Truck Camper With Fiberglass Panels

Need inspiration for a super-simple truck camper that actually looks really nice?

Open-mic country singer Jacob Michael recorded this Youtube playlist of his simple and inexpensive DIY truck camper build that he finished in under two weeks.

He started with a very simple frame from lumber 2x4s he acquired for free. He added some nice recycled windows and a door he got for cheap at Habitat For Humanity Re-Store. Screwed in a plywood roof with a support beam. And then paneled it all with FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) panels he bought at retail price. It was road-ready in under two weeks, and the series ends as he contemplates what to do with the interior, especially heating and insulation.

What I love about this super-simple build is that he proves that you don’t have to make things overly complicated. He simply figured out the bare minimum he needed to get on the road by his deadline and made it happen, knowing he could always spiff it up later! 

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  • Joseph Leister
    April 14, 2016

    This is a great series of videos, job well done and full of good ideas, thanks…..

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