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How To Build A Collapsible Truck Camper

collapsible truck camper

How To Build A Collapsible Truck Camper

Want a super simple truck camper that you can not only remove, but stow away in a minimum of space?

Watch this video from YouTube’s “unicyclerider64” on his Super-Simple Collapsible Truck Camper.

He built it because he wanted a way to stay warm in his truck while escaping winter cabin fever in Michigan, BUT not have a huge truck camper or RV to store in the summer. His solution was to make a lightweight camper that can be carried in the bed of his truck along with his camping gear, quickly assembled at the campsite, and easily stored in a tiny corner of the garage.

From what I can tell, it's very cleverly constructed of only a few parts that can be assembled start to finish in just 13 minutes (or much less I assume if the mostly-decorative roof were eliminated) :

  • The walls are thick styrofoam panels sandwiched between 1/4" plywood and framed with 1"x2"s. They fit together (a bit like Ikea furniture) using T-bolts, and since there's no need to make it sturdy for driving on the freeway, the walls simply sit on the rails while camping.
  • The actual hard roof is his homemade tonneau cover framed from 2"x4"s and paneled with plywood and fiberglass, which he sets atop the wall structure.
  • The decorative A-frame roof is quickly assembled from PVC pipe and a camo-patterned plastic tarp.
  • A very cool unexpected feature: The walls are wired with household electrical outlets which receive power by plugging an extension cord into the campground hookup station.
  • The total cost for the whole camper was around $160.

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  • Parker Free
    June 25, 2015

    That is one smart idea. I am not sure about the “value” of the tarp roof, except maybe helping to keep rain off the flat roof (helping to keep it from leaking). Super cute, too ~ love that they painted the outside as a log cabin and the inside 🙂
    I’d like to see what supplies they started with…

  • donald
    September 18, 2015

    Now Rik, you must get a lot of emails as I’m desparate & haven’t been able to touch base! I don’t even have
    the $160 right now but this IS a “viable quick fix solution”! How do you keep the corners from leaking? This can
    work til I do you Full Plan!

    • glen
      January 8, 2016

      Their are “Tent’s” made just for the backs of p/u trucks too. I don’t want to build a wood shelter on a metal
      truck. Or if one uses wood, at least use 1 1/2 – 2 inch square tubular steel for the corners & and around
      the top. It is much stronger to heavy winds on the roads & gives you stoutness!

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