Learn How I Built My Own Simple Truck Camper
... In Just 3 Days For Less Than $200
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Build Your Own Simple Truck Camper!

build a truck camper

Keep It Stupidly Simple (And Double Down On The "Stupidly"!) - Book Excerpt

It might seem difficult to believe that I was literally able to build a truck camper and get off the grid in JUST 3 DAYS, but that's exactly what I did!  Of course it took some planning to get there. (About a week to draw up the plans.) And it took quite a bit of research to decide which ...
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Wanna Build a Simple Custom
Truck Camper For Cheap?

If you're in as much of a hurry to start camping as I was, then do what I did -- Keep It Stupidly Simple!

When you realize how quickly and inexpensively you can be camping in your own simple-but-sturdy "truck bed shed" bolted to the back of your truck, you just might do as so many others have done, and just build one already. When you keep it simple and cheap, you'll always know -- If you don't like it, you can just take it down and start over again!

Though I actually challenged myself to build a popup with a cabover, my speedy approach was actually inspired by all the makeshift "truck sheds" I'd see the old-timers living out of. Why fuss over all the details of making a commercial-style camper, when the point is to start camping already? Just get some wood and make something! Here are some examples I've found inspiring.

–Mobile Rik
build homemade truck camper

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