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Impressive Homemade Pop-Up Truck Camper On A Toyota Tundra

Chris Willet's home built popup truck camper

Impressive Homemade Pop-Up Truck Camper On A Toyota Tundra

Here’s a really awesome DIY Slide On Four Wheel Camper Style Pop-Up Truck Camper by Chris Willet, aka ‘notesfromavagabond.’ 

It’s built on an aluminum frame he welded together himself and includes quite a few notable features, especially for a Home-Built Truck Camper:

  • Pop Up Roof with a Four Wheel Camper style roof-lift mechanism.
  • Slide-On Truck Camper design that can be left on jacks while using the truck for “truck stuff”
  • Welded aluminum framed walls and roof above a plywood foundation box.
  • Simple “Slide Out” room (technically a fold-down room) that is big enough to sleep in but is probably most useful for stashing extra stuff out of the way while camping.
  • Outdoor shower with an on-demand hot water heater.
    Skylight / Hatch to roof
  • External propane tank rack
  • 100W Solar panel

Relevant to the pop-up roof:
The roof is framed out of welded aluminum and (I think) skinned with 1/4″ plywood and sheet aluminum. The lifters are made of plywood in the general style of Four Wheel Campers, with a few modifications in the way the lifters are locked into the vertical position and a few shortcuts that I imagine keep the weight of the lifters down. But most of the lifting is done by a set of four automotive struts located on the exterior.

Check out the video — It’s definitely one of the most impressive DIY truck campers I’ve come across on the internet!


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  • Petez Catz
    June 13, 2015

    I like it but I would go on the cheap (that’s just how I am, no haters). I probably just use plywood, and the popup “canvas” would just be a blue tarp cut for that purpose. Yeah, I’m that kinda guy, sorry.

  • Colleen Ceilegobragh
    October 11, 2016

    that is slick. amazing for a DIY, THANKS Rik,

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