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Unique Popup Truck Camper – Camper Duaron

Unique Popup Truck Camper – Camper Duaron

Aside from the sideways-expanding Wedgetail Truck Camper, the Camper Duaron Semi-Popup is one of the most inspiring designs I’ve seen in a popup truck camper.

Among its really interesting features, my favorite is that the door doubles as a staircase!

A few items of note:

I’m always interested in how the pop-up roof is accomplished, so that I can borrow ideas for my own homemade truck camper.

  • The roof appears very stiff and tough but lightweight, no doubt due to their composite foam-filled fiberglass design.
  • Because it uses a hinged design, it’s a lot easier for a hobby builder to construct than a full-scale four-corner popup roof.
  • Almost of the lifting is done by the gas springs (struts). Because of the hinged design, they only need to lift HALF the weight.
  • The “patented” design of the lifter — appears to be exactly the same one used by Four Wheel Campers (US Patent 4201413), making me wonder if there’s some shared ownership (they also sell Four Wheel Campers), if they’ve licensed the lifter design, or if (ahem) they’ve exploited an overseas patent loophole.

(I’m actually experimenting with a much different style of hinged popup design, which I describe in my book on how to build a truck camper.)

You can find more info about the Camper Duaron Semi-Popup and other models on their webpage.  

(Their website is in Portuguese — Click here to open their webpage in Google Translate.)

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