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Truck Camper Design Ideas

What Style Of Truck Camper Are You Going To Build?

Are you going to build a Full-Height Truck Camper or do you want the aerodynamic benefits of a shorter Popup Truck Camper? Will it have a Cabover loft to sleep in? Do you need it to be a Slide On Truck Camper so you can do "truck stuff" while it's on jacks? Or would you rather keep it simple and do a direct Bolt-On Truck Camper design? Or maybe you don't need any of that and you just want to make a Simple Truck Bed Camper... or simply outfit your Truck Bed Cap to make it more comfy.

In the spirit of keeping things simple, I built a bolt-on style DIY truck camper with a cabover and a pop-up roof option, but it wasn't before I explored all the options and collected a ton of cool links, which perhaps you can benefit from! :)

–Mobile Rik
pop up slide in truck camper

Four Wheel Campers - My Favorite Truck Camper Design For DIY

Of all the RV/camper designs, my favorite is the Pop-Up Slide-In Truck Camper -- Particularly the "Four Wheel Camper" style, which you can recognize by their fine-feathered code names like Hawk, Eagle, Raven, Finch, etc. Here's why I like 'em: Off-Road Capability -- By putting a slide-in c...
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build homemade truck camper

Truck Camper Design Inspiration

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