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Detailed Wooden Truck Camper Build on YouTube

wooden truck camper build on youtube

Detailed Wooden Truck Camper Build on YouTube

Thinking About How To Build A Wooden Truck Camper?

“J H” on YouTube has been posting regular updates of his homemade truck camper build since August 2014.

From what I’ve seen, it seems to be framed almost entirely out of ordinary lumber 2x2s with ample cross bracing and paneled with thin marine plywood and styrofoam boards, over which he seals with an epoxy-fiberglass layer. The development from start to present in pretty impressive.

A notable feature is the HUGE cabover. Another is his simple air-compressor driven pop-up mechanism.

Here’s his project description from YouTube.

JH's wooden truck camper build details

I created a playlist for the whole series. It’s a long series with a lot of footage (16+ episodes at time of posting), but it may be worth browsing if you need ideas along the way.– Watch it below!

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