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Homemade Wooden Truck Camper Built On An F-150

homemade wooden truck camper

Homemade Wooden Truck Camper Built On An F-150

Here’s an interesting and simple DIY slide-on truck camper design.

Tontotralman (who points out that he’s NOT a carpenter) built this one-person slide on truck camper to fit inside his 6′ truck bed with the tailgate shut. There’s no cabover, but he still managed to fit a raised sleeping area inside.


  • It’s built on 2×2 framing with OSB panels, and 1-1/2 styrofoam insulation. The interior is oriented sideways, with a sideways 6.5 foot wide bedroom area over a storage compartment, and front entrance area with storage cupboards on the left and kitchen area on the right.
  • On the outside he has some storage space between the walls and the bed, and a small electrical hookup. I like the split door idea that allows easy access.
  • Video Part 2 shows the finished body with corner trim, ceiling vent, water storage, the completed kitchen area (which looks much like a home kitchenette).
  • Video Part 3 shows the aerodynamic nose attached as a cabover extension to be used for lightweight storage in the future. He also explains the split door that allows for an exit when the tailgate is up. A highlight of Part 3 is his upgraded version of a “redneck air conditioner” made from a fan and an ice cooler and upgraded with copper coil and water pump.

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