Learn How I Built My Own Simple Wooden Truck Camper
... In Just 3 Days For Less Than $200
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How To Build A Wooden Truck Camper

build wooden truck camper

How To Build A Wooden Truck Camper

Want the secret to building a sturdy truck camper faster than you ever thought possible? Build your truck camper out of wood! Many people assume (and even insist on believing) that a wooden camper could never be as good as one made of fiberglass or aluminum. And that's complete nonsense! I...
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Considering Building A Wooden Truck Camper?

Wood isn't just a great material for building a truck camper -- It's by far the easiest, cheapest, most widely useful material that anyone can build with, especially as a relative beginner. Not only is it extremely easy to work with and easy to obtain at any home improvement store (or even find totally free), unlike metals, wood is a great insulator, so it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. While not the lightest of materials, wood lumber is sufficiently strong to build a very sturdy structure without "sinking your ship". Before I furnished it for full-time boondocking, my own wooden popup truck camper made from 2x4s was surprisingly light -- lighter than any commercial camper. And it was easy enough to construct that I finished it in just 3 days! Here are some links I've collected for your inspiration.

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build homemade truck camper

Build A Truck Camper Out Of Wood

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