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Awesome Homemade Aluminum Truck Camper

homemade aluminum truck camper

Awesome Homemade Aluminum Truck Camper

Considering Aluminum Framing for your Homemade Truck Camper?

Here’s a really awesome example of a home-built aluminum truck camper, built in the  Four Wheel Campers style by Chris Willet, aka ‘notesfromavagabond.’ It’s built on an aluminum frame he welded together himself and includes an array of features comparable to a commercially-built truck camper, but totally customized to his own needs.

Technically, it’s not framed completely with aluminum — The “foundation” part that is sitting in the truck bed is a plywood box — but the walls and roof are framed completely with approximately $975 in aluminum tubing, which included (from his website) :

aluminum camper frame - notesfromavagabond.com

  • “1X1 300ft,
  • 1×2 100ft,
  • 1×3 U channel 20ft,
  • 1×2 U channel 30 ft,
  • 1 inch flat 40 ft
  • 3/4 inch trim 20ft.”
construction of Chris Willet's aluminum truck camper

Above text from his website at notesfromavagabond.com

Watch the video to see the finished product!

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  • JD Schaefer
    August 14, 2015

    Lots of ingenuity

  • jb
    October 16, 2015

    I have followed this build for a while. Very nice setup. I have one unanswered question: How did he attach the canvas to the roof and the camper to minimize leaks? I really wish he had a set of plans to follow…

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