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Truck Camper Construction Methods

truck camper construction

Truck Camper Construction: Wood - Aluminum - Steel - Fiberglass

Trying to figure out the best materials to construct your camper? While I'm hardly an expert on all the different ways to build campers, I can hopefully get you started with some of the wisdom I've picked up while researching my own truck camper build. Lets compare some typical materials you'...
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What's The Best Material To Build A Truck Camper?

Should you build your truck bed camper out of Wood? Aluminum? Steel? Fiberglass? What if you have a light-duty truck and need a lightweight construction method? And how much is that all going to cost?

I built my homemade truck bed camper from good-ole lumber from Home Depot. If you want to keep it cheap and easy, nothing can beat using lumber. Every other material requires special skills -- and if you have the training, then go for it! Aluminum is awesome for a strong lightweight frame -- if you can afford it! If you can afford the weight and can weld, apply your steel crafting skills. And if you can fab fiberglass, you can have a lot of creative options for a tough durable shell. Here are some ideas to help you think through your options...

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