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Homemade Truck Camper Plans

Learn How I Built A Simple Truck Camper Without Plans
... In Just 3 Days For Less Than $250
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Homemade Truck Camper Plans

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Create Your Own 3D Camper Model With Sketchup

Looking for a cheap way to draw up your camper ideas in 3D? Learn how to use Sketchup -- It's easy, and it's totally free! Formerly known as "Google Sketchup" this popular free 3D modeling software has moved to Trimble, where the free version is now known as "Sketchup Make", alongside the ful...
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Looking For DIY Truck Camper Plans?

Depending on how much you're willing to spend -- both on plans and on your camper -- there are a fair number of options.  

If you're interested in building an awesome commercial quality camper, be sure to read my article on a classic source: Glen-L DIY Truck Camper Plans)

My own specialty is in encouraging others to design their own custom truck camper from scratch. It's really not difficult, if you commit to keeping it simple. After a few sketches and creating my own 3D camper model using Google Sketchup, I was able to complete my "simple" camper with cabover, rear extension, and popup roof in just three days of construction for under $250... and I've been camping full time in it ever since! 

I put this site together to help you learn how to build your own custom camper -- in any you wish! Take a look around, and if you like what you see, you're welcome to join my mailing list and get a free preview of my book, written to inspire you on your camper-building adventure!

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DIY Truck Camper Plans

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