Learn How I Built My Own Homemade Truck Camper
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Build Your Own Truck Bed Camper!

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How To Build A Truck Camper For Dirt Cheap

Why spend thousands on an RV, when you can learn to Build Your Own Truck Bed Camper! If you have some basic construction and carpentry skills, you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn just how easy and totally inexpensive it can be to slap together your own simple pickup truck camper from hardly more than a s...
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Wanna Learn How To Build Your Own Truck Bed Camper?

If you keep it simple — or as I like to say, “stupidly simple!” — it’s not as hard as you’d think. I started collecting ideas for my own DIY truck camper in March of 2013. After only about a month of researching, a week of planning, and a few days of construction, I was overjoyed to actually be camping off the grid in my own home built camper! This site is a collection of inspiring articles and videos I put together during the research phase and a few more I added later. I hope you find some useful ideas here!

–Mobile Rik

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Mobile Rik's DIY Truck Camper Videos

Here's a YouTube playlist of my own DIY Truck Camper videos. Some are introductions and some are clips from the full construction videos (3 hours worth) which you can view in my DIY Truck Camper Video Membership.
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More Home-Built Truck Campers

Here's a YouTube playlist of other DIY Truck Camper builds that have inspired me.

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Build A Truck Camper

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Learn How To Build A Truck Camper

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