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How To Make Your Own Gasoline From Wood

make gasoline from wood

How To Make Your Own Gasoline From Wood

Did you know you can make your own gasoline from wood?

Not much, mind you — and I wouldn’t advocate chopping down trees to do it! But as a education exercise, MrTeslonian shows you in this video series how one can inexpensively turn dead wood into refined gas that can run a car by capturing all the fuel gases in the form of crude oil and refining into whatever “fossil fuel” you like. Totally fascinating!

I don't totally understand everything going on in these videos, but I do know a bit about wood gasification, because I use a homemade wood-gasifying cook stove for most of my meals when I'm out boondocking. Many people don't realize that when you start a campfire, you don't actually "burn wood" -- you're actually burning the gases released from the wood when it's heated. In a gasifier stove, you can actually separate the combustion process, heating the wood and burning the gases separately, so that you can have a clean-burning wood stove that works just like cooking on a propane stove. (My DIY stove is a tin-can knock-off of the SoloStove, which is a top-grade wood gasifier made for backpackers, that allows you to have a blazing hot cooking fire using ordinary twigs for free fuel.)

So basically, an easy way to summarize this gas-making experiment is that he's heating up the wood to release the gas, then collect it instead of burning it.

wood gas car

Wood-Gas El Camino - It runs on firewood

As a matter of fact, it's totally possible to grab this entire experiment and funnel it directly into your car engine in real-time (provided you have the right type of engine) to make a wood-gas car. Apparently after the Second World War, almost every vehicle in Europe was converted to run on firewood! And now with gas prices up, more people are re-discovering and developing this old technology again.

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