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How To Make A Composting Toilet

make a composting toilet

How To Make A Composting Toilet

Ever wonder if it’s possible for you to Make A Composting Toilet?

It’s actually really easy!

And once you build one, you’ll…

  • Cut down on your water consumption by several gallons or more a day.
  • Have a neverending source of good organic fertilizer.

Essentially, as you’ll see in the video, a composting toilet needn’t be more complicated than a wooden box with a hole in it, with a 5 gallon bucket underneath. You cover it with dirt or some other organic matter — like sawdust or grass clippings — and it does not stink!!

In the video below, StormCloudsGathering shares a simple and proven system to create your own fertilizer and use less water, along with other great reasons to consider composting your own “humanure” sooner than later. ..


"Wait -- Isn't that kinda gross / unsanitary / unsafe?"

While that's a common reaction -- especially from people who have never even bothered to learn even regular kitchen composting -- it's mostly unfounded. As long as you do it right, it won't stink and is no more hazardous than using a regular toilet. "Wash your hands thoroughly" still applies.

"Don't you have to turn the compost?

Turning compost is largely a myth. Not only is it not necessary, but it can be harmful to the growing bacteria cultures. It's sufficient to clear a hole in the center with a stick and then after your "deposit", cover it back up.

"Oh come on -- It's poop! How do you keep it from stinking?

The same way you do with regular compost -- by covering with sawdust, leaves, newspaper, etc. It not only blocks the fumes from rising, but will absorb the smell. Of course keeping the lid shut helps, too, but the sawdust works well enough without the lid.

If you want to learn more about Humanure Composting...

Make sure to read the ultimate authority guide, which goes through every aspect of making a humanure toilet, managing the composting process, using it in your garden, and understanding your way around a million and one concerns you may have! It's now in its Third Edition and you can buy it on Amazon now by clicking the button below.

Humanure Handbook Review


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