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How To Make A DIY Solar Panel From Solar Cells

how to make solar panels

How To Make A DIY Solar Panel From Solar Cells

Wanna save a ton of money on your solar energy system?

By buying individual cells and soldering them together into a panel, you can make your own custom panels for just a fraction of what you’d pay retail.

This very long playlist (31 videos) by MixCat takes you through every step to turn the cells into a working solar panel in several different ways and for every conceivable purpose — A few of the many topics he covers…

  • Grid Tied Solar
  • Flexible Solar Panels
  • Making panels out of Broken Solar Cells
  • Recycling LCDs from calculators
  • Building a solar attic vent
  • A Hydrogen Generator powered by Solar Panels
  • and even a Solar Powered Weed Wacker!

For More Info…

I’ve personally built three solar panels for my homemade truck camper. Click the link to read a much longer article I wrote that explains the process in a bit more detail, specifically as it might apply to building a set for your camper:
Visit: How To Build Solar Panels For Cheap (And Save Hundreds Of Dollars).

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