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$3 DIY Emergency USB Phone Charger From An Altoids Tin

USB backup charger from alto ids

$3 DIY Emergency USB Phone Charger From An Altoids Tin

Need a quick backup battery for your phone?

You can make one of these backup phone chargers from just a 9V battery and the guts of a dollar store car charger.

I found this video particularly clever because it’s not obvious that to charge a 5V device, one might take a part a 12v charger and substitute a 9V battery — but it’s the the dollar store electronics that do the voltage matching. Very nice.

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I found a backup phone charger to be an essential item when I’m out on a day-long hike — which has been known to happen to me whether I planned it to be a “day long” hike, or simply a quick morning walk!

Fortunately, this type of hack isn’t as necessary as it was a year ago when I posted this, because there are finally lots of rechargeable phone booster batteries available for reasonably cheap. I have one of these, and I love it!

altoids battery cell phone charger DIY emergency

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  • April Dasnho
    September 17, 2015

    Very cool I am going to get the materials today and make mine. Thank you for the info!

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