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Build A DIY Camping Sink From Home Depot Buckets

camp sink from home depot buckets

Build A DIY Camping Sink From Home Depot Buckets

Have a clean sink wherever you go!

In the category of “things most people haven’t thought much about”… One problem with faucet sinks — and I mean virtually *any* sink, whether in your home, at work, in your RV, or in your camp — is that the need to trigger the faucet valve makes for a very unsanitary operation. 

  • You go to the sink to wash your hands.
  • You put your dirty hands on the faucet to turn it on.
  • You wash your hands.
  • Then you put your clean hands back on the dirty faucet to turn it off!

Seriously, why do we do that?

Of course one of situations in which you’re most likely to have frequently soiled hands (and other body parts) is when you’re camping. Especially for some of us who prefer a less “glamping” and more “close to nature” experience, at some point every day, you’re going to go dig a hole, deposit a mound of decomposed gut rot and E Coli directly into said hole, then attempt to wipe with some excuse for toilet paper, and then in attempt to be “sanitary,” go stick your hands on a faucet or even directly on the clean water end of a water jug. 

Wouldn't it'd be nice to have a more sanitary option?

One solution you might have come across is to use a foot-pump to pump water so that you never have to touch anything to get your hands clean.

    In the video below, Travis from 2brothersadventures shows how he turned a few ordinary Home Depot buckets into a clever and sanitary foot-pump-activated camp sink that even saves your greywater.

Note: It was inspired by this brilliant Instructables design.

Hey, can I put one of these in my camper?

I was so impressed by this simple idea that I've been intending to put a version of this in my camper. My idea has been to add on the functionality of a biosand filter under the sink basin to recycle the greywater. There are a few complications to figure out, but mostly I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

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  • Paul Griffith
    June 22, 2015

    I really enjoy your how to,even links to solar made simple enough to where a truck driver with not even a GED can understand. You answer things with out useing every alphabet plus 2 Chinese characters to form one word. Your a brilliant and good man but don’t flaunt it. Thanks for being down to earth

  • Jim Petersen
    October 12, 2015

    Foot actuated is great, I’d use smaller containers due to size limitations in my camper.

  • Jim Petersen
    October 12, 2015

    Actually foot or knee actuated would make good sense in the house, too

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