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Off-Grid Water Filters – Which Will Purify Drinking Water Best?

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Off-Grid Water Filters – Which Will Purify Drinking Water Best?

Are you looking for a way to purify your own drinking water in an off-grid or long term boondocking situation?

LDSPrepper reviews several popular filtering systems from the angle of using them in an emergency (survival, SHTF, etc.) situation. The product reviews include Berkey, Doulton, Reverse Osmosis, Monolithic, Just Water, Zen, and Ceramic Candle.

An important point he brings up is that most filtration systems require you start with pre-filtered tap water, so they’re near useless in an emergency situation when all you have available is river or pond water. Only two systems promised that you could start with non-potable water, such as rainwater or lake water, that you might resort to in a long-term survival situation.

His other main criteria was that was whether the filtration system also purifies (sanitizes) the water to clear out all viruses and bacteria. Only one of the systems did the whole job.

His summary includes a clear winner that meets both of the above criteria at a good price per gallon. Watch to find out the conclusion!

(Note: Since he is reviewing only expensive commercial filters, he does not include an inexpensive DIY bio-sand filter.)

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  • Jim Petersen
    September 23, 2015

    Good info, like always;!

  • D. B.
    December 16, 2015

    I’m suitably impressed by this guy’s endorsement. Doing a bit of research I also noticed this YouTube video to DIY the containers and save a little money if you’re handy and poor like me 😉


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