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Learn How To Get Off The Grid Fast

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How Off The Grid Do You Really Want To Be? (Book Excerpt)

If you're anything at all like me, then "getting off the grid" has been an ambition of yours for a very long time! And chances are, your idea what what it means to get off the grid is very personal to you. Maybe your dream is to live in a cob house with a windmill. Or an Earthship with a huge ar...
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Want To Learn The Fastest Ways To Get Off The Grid?

If you're anything like me, then you're probably really excited about moving off the grid and living a "Simple Life". I bet you've also been totally fascinated by the ideas of living in a Cob House, Log Cabin, a Travel Trailer, or even building your own Earthship!

But it turned out that the solution that got me off the grid in record time was to build a simple truck camper on the back of my Tacoma -- it's basically a Tiny House in my truck bed, but MUCH more tiny! And I run my own homemade solar panels, cook with a DIY gasifying wood stove and/or a solar oven, and heat my camper with tea-candles. I've also made an indoor shower and vermi-composting toilet. Here's a collection of articles and videos that taught me how to do it all!

–Mobile Rik
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Inspiration For Getting Off The Grid

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