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Learn How To Camp For Free

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Why Rent A Campsite When You Can Camp For Free?

Question 1: How much are you paying to camp? Question 2: Has it been worth it, or are you looking for a cheaper way? Don't get me wrong... Paid campsites definitely offer some familiar conveniences to new or occasional campers or those who want their RV lifestyle t...
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Want To Learn Where And How To Enjoy Free Camping?

Did you know that it's possible to find some really awesome campsites that only cost a few dollars a night -- or absolutely nothing at all? As a matter of fact, it's your legal right as a citizen to enjoy cost-free camping, and it's not even a big secret! I've been living full-time in my homemade camper for a while now and have never once paid for a campsite. They're just everywhere! 

Though the main focus of this website is building your own camper, the point of having one is obviously to camp! So in that spirit, I hope to add to this section with some of my favorite campsites I've found, along with advice on Boondocking (a.k.a. "dry camping") and how to find free campsites. Enjoy!

–Mobile Rik
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